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Conference audio and video tapes available for purchase.

The views expressed by session presenters are not necessarily those of the National Institute of Judaism and Medicine.

The 2002 Conference (11/02)

  • Cloning - New Horizons: Embryo & Stem Cell Research - Miriam Feuerman, PhD, Rabbi Richard Weiss, MD, Rabbi Yaakov Spivak
  • Animal Expirmentation: Avraham Steinberg, MD, Miryam Z. Wahrman, PhD, Yizhak Kupfer, MD
  • Ethical Pediatric Care: Kathleen E. Powderly, PhD, Robert Kliegman, MD, Rabbi Tzvi Flaum
  • Healthy Mind - Healthy Body: Robert Pollack, PhD, Rabbi Tzvi Weinreb, PhD, Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, PhD
  • Luncheon Program Honoring Dr. Fred Rosner - Michael Akerman, MD, JoAnn Bradley, EdD, Edward Reichman, MD, Rabbi Jacob Klass, Alfred Soffer, MD, Fred Rosner, MD
  • The Ethical Aftermath of September 11th: Body Identification Issues Of Remarriage and Inheritance - Adena Berkowitz, PhD Howard Baum, MD, Charles Catanese, MD, Rabbi Mordechai Willig
  • Terrorism: Triage of Resources - Allen Bennett, MD, Aaron E. Glatt, MD, Avraham Steinberg, MD
  • Medical Student Forum - Edward Reichman, MD, Rabbi Richard Weiss, MD
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology - Steven Brenner, MD, Susan Lobel, MD, Rabbi Yizchok Breitowitz, JD

  • Patient Autonomy vs Physician Paternalism Medical Grand Rounds - Avram Steinberg MD and Moshe Akerman MD

The 1999 Conference (11/99)

  • Where Do We Begin? - Dr. Yizhak Kupfer, Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman Children at Risk, Dr. Norman Blumenthal, Dr. Abraham Twerski.
  • Ethics in Medical Research - Dr. Arnold Winston, Rabbi Tzvi Flaum.
  • Issues in Infertility - Dr. Dan Goldschlag, Dr. Richard Grazi.
  • The Patient Doctor Relationship - Rabbi Zev Shostack, Chairperson, Dr. Abraham Twerski.
  • War, Disasters and Ethics - Ms. Ruth Messinger, Chairperson, Dr. Paula Rakoff Dr. Abraham Steinberg.
  • Luncheon Program - Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, Chairperson; Welcoming Remarks: Dr. Moshe Akerman.
  • Legislative Address - Hon. Anthony D. Weiner (D) New York; Luncheon Keynote: Dr. Abraham Steinberg - Medicine at the Millennium.
  • End of Life Issues - Moshe Bain, Chairperson, Rabbi Yizhak Breitowitz, Dr. Kathleen E. Powderly, Dr. Fred Rosner.
  • Cloning New Horizons - Dr. William Solomon, Chairperson , Dr. Miriam Feuerman, Rabbi Yizhak Breitowitz. JD.
  • Is Viagra Kosher? - Rabbi Abraham Blumenkrantz.
  • Care for the Uninsured - Dr. Michael Eleff, Chairperson, Dr. Gerald Deas, Dr. Benjamin Safirstein, Rabbi Tzvi Flaum.
  • Medical Student Forum - Dr. Abraham Steinberg, Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman.

The 10th Anniversary Conference, (11/98)

  • From the Operating Room to the Board Room - Dr. Mandell Ganchrow.
  • Free Will, Autonomy and Patient Non-Compliance - Dr. Fred Rosner, chairman, Dr. Velvel Greene.
  • Domestic Violence: Status Quo or Progress? - Rochelle Mogilner, ACSW, Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz.
  • New Gene Technologies - Dr. Leon Zacharowitz, chair, Rabbi Moshe Tendler.
  • Ethical Issues in Hospice Care - Moshe Borowsky, Rabbi Tzvi Flaum, Abby Gordon.
  • Organ Rationing - Rabbi Dr. Eddie Reichman, Dr. Eli Friedman.
  • Luncheon Program - Chairman, Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, Dr. Michael Akerman, Welcome -- Keynote address: Government and Healthcare - Congressman Jerrold Nadler.
  • Coping with Healthcare Change - Dr. Matthew Fink, CEO, Beth Israel Medical Center.
  • Obesity: A Medical Problem? - Dr. Jules Hirsch, Rabbi Mattis Kantor.
  • Infertility: Deciphering the Dilemmas - Dr. Richard Grazi.
  • Is Viagra Kosher? Sexual Function and Health - Rabbi Avraham Bluemkrantz, Dr. Judith Mishell, Chair, Dr. Jacelyn Roberts.
  • Children at Risk - Mr. David Mandel.
  • The Future of Managed Care - Dr. Eli Friedman, chairman, Rabbi Mattis Kantor, Dr. Arthur Dresdale.

The 8th International Conference (11/97) at Rockefeller University:

  • Spirituality and Healing - Dr. Jules Hirsch, Dr. Samuel Klagsburn, Rabbi Mattis Kantor, MSc.
  • Relationships and Intimacy - Dr. Judith Mishell , Rabbi Mattis Kantor, MSc.
  • Ethical Issues in Managed Care - Dr. Benjamin Safirstein, Rabbi Tzvi Flaum , Dr. Velvel Greene.
  • Ethical Issues in Organ Transplantation - Dr. Eli Friedman, Rabbi Irving Breitowitz, Dr. Yizhak Kupfer, Chair Keynote address: Government Regulation of Health Care - Honorable Sheldon Silver, Speaker, New York State Assembly.
  • Genetic Screening / Fetal Research - Dr. Kenneth Offit, Rabbi Yaakov Weiner, Dr. Leon Zacharowicz, Chair.
  • The Kevorkian Dilemma - Physician Assisted Suicide - Dr. Judith Aronheim, Rabbi Allen Schwartz, Dr. Samuel Klagsbrun, Chair.
  • Ethics of Practice Guidelines - Dr. Lawrence Resnick, Rabbi Irving Breitowitz, Rabbi Shalom B. Hecht, Chair.
  • Reinventing Reproduction - Dr. Richard Grazzi.
  • 50 Years Since Nuremberg - The Role of the Medical Profession---Dr. Michael Beraunbaum, Rabbi Immanuel Schochet, Dr. Jacob J. Steinberg, Chair
  • (2 tapes) 50th Anniversary of Nuremberg - The Nuremberg Code; The Dehumanization of a People: Dr. Jonathan Moreno, Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman, Dr. Gerald Deas.
  • Physician Authority VS Patient Autonomy - Speakers Avaraham Steinberg, MD and Moshe Akerman, MD.

The 7th International Conference (5/96)

  • The Physician as a Healer - Rabbi Simon Jacobson.
  • Genetic Engineering - Genetic Screening for Breast Cancer - Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Dr. Harvey Stern, Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler.
  • Advanced Directives - Dr. Jack Shershow, Rabbi I. Breitowitz, J.D.
  • Alternative Health Care - Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler.
  • Infertility Management - Dr. Richard Grazzi.
  • Truth Telling - Dr. Dov Gorshein, Rabbi Dr. J. Immanuel Schochet.
  • Rationing Renal Therapy - Dr. Eli Friedman, Rabbi Tzvi Flaum.
  • Welcoming Remarks - Rabbi Herbert Bomzer, Rabbi S.B. Hecht, Dr. Russell Miller, and Medicine at the Millenium--Congressman Peter Deutsch.
  • Managed Care Symposium (2 tapes) - Dr. Louis Teichholz, Congressman Peter Deutsch, Dr. Saul Kaplan, Dr. Robert Jacobs, Rabbi I. Breitowitz, J.D.
  • Physician Burnout in the Era of Managed Care - Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski #11 Family Violence (2 tapes)--Dr. Eugene Feigelson, Dr. Steven Friedman, Dr. Jill Bowen, Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski.
  • Ethical Issues Faced in Medical Education - Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, Dr. Russell Miller, Mathew Karlovsky, Suzie Kilimnick.
  • Confidentiality - What are the Boundaries? - Rabbi Saul Berman.
  • What is the Patient's Responsibility? - Dr. Stephan Kamholz, Rabbi Saul Berman.
  • Television and American Society - Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski.
  • Was Freud Hassidic? - Rabbi Dr. Alter Metzger.

The 6th International Conference (5/95)

  • Dr. R. Macchia, Rabbi Dr. M. Tendler - The Human Genome Project (90 min.).
  • Dr. A. Siegler, Rabbi Dr. M. Tendler - New Advances in Female Reproductive Technology (90 min.).
  • (2 tapes) Rabbi T. Flaum, Dr. Y. Kupfer, Dr. S. Kamholz, Dr. M. Rosen - Supportive Treatments of the Dying Patient with Cancer or AIDS; Priorities in Triage of Limited Resources; Balancing the Risk-Benefit Ration in Prescribing High Risk Medical Treatment (3 hours).
  • R. Rothenberg, EdD, Rabbi Y. Breitowitz, J.D. - The Role of the Nurse in the Ethical Decision Process (1 hour).
  • Dr. P. Rhodes, M.D., Rabbi Y. Breitowitz, J.D. - Thou Shalt Glorify the Aged - Geronotology as viewed by Judaism (1 hour).
  • Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Dr. Yisroel Susskind - The Healing Power of Music and Story - a Jewish View (1 hour).
  • Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Dr. Yisroel Susskind - Divine Providence, the Soul and Other Issues of Immortality - Does this Improve Care of the Elderly? (1 hour).

The 5th International Conference (5/94)
  • Drs. Stein, Moreno, Braverman, Rabbi Tzvi Flaum - Health Care Reform/Managed Care (90 minutes).
  • Dr. Schwarz, Rabbi Dr. Immanuel Schochet - Positive Thinking, Importance to Clinical Care & Research.
  • Dr. J. Shershow, Dr. Abraham S. Abraham - Informing on Physician Mistakes.
  • Rabbi Avrohom Blumenkrantz - Obligation to Provide Care to the Elderly - Including Parents.
  • Dr. Abraham S. Abraham - Changing Attitudes Toward the Handicapped.
  • Dr. Fred Rosner, Dr. Abraham, Dr. Louis Teichholz, Rabbi Z. Sharfstein - Ethics Committees & Treatment of the Terminally Ill (120 minutes - 2 tape set).

The 4th International Conference (5/93)

  • Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg - California Proposition #161, American Popular Opinion on Euthanasia.
  • Dr. Edwin Yisroel Susskind - Patient Dignity, Insights into Health Care Provider's Attitudes.
  • Rabbi Dr. Immanuel Schochet - "Healthy People 2000" - Insights from Judaism into Health Promotion
  • Dr. Yaakov Brawer - Mind, Brain and Soul, Insights from Judaism into Neurophysiology.
  • Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg - Animal Experimentation and Jewish Law.
  • Rabbi Alfred Cohen - Vegetarian Diets, What is the Jewish View?.
  • Dr. Edwin Yisroel Susskind - Jewish Insights into the High Suicide Rate Among American Teenagers.
  • Rabbi Zushe Winner - In Vitro Fertilization & Surrogate Motherhood, A Jewish Legal Analysis.

The 3rd International Conference (5/92)

  • Rabbi Dr. Immanuel Schochet - Boundaries of ethics and science.
  • Dr. A.S. Abraham - "Euthanasia".
  • Dr. A.S. Abraham - AIDS - ethical issues.
  • Rabbi Simon Jacobson - The Tao of Medicine - Cardiopulmonary function, the body and Kabbala.
  • Dr. A.S. Abraham - Genetic engineering.
  • Dr. Abraham Twerski - Self-esteem in the management of substance abuse.
  • Dr. Theodoro Dagi - A philosophic perspective on Jewish values & public policy.
  • Rabbi Dr. Immanuel Schochet - Conflicts between religious & medical authority.

The 2nd International Conference (5/90)

  • Rabbi Dr. Immanuel Schochet - Difference between Jewish and secular ethics.
    Dr. A.S. Abraham - Allocation of scarce resources - 1 & 2 (sold together only as a two-tape set - audio only).
  • Dr. Velvel Green - Community health issues.
  • Dr. Abraham Steinberg - Definition of death in Judaism (lecture with slides).
  • Dr. A.S. Abraham - Care of the terminally ill and lessons from the Nazi Holocaust Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Halperin - Disclosure of information to "terminally ill" patients.
  • Rabbi Dr. Schochet - "Life with Dignity".

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Self-Conscious G-d -

When He made the world, He decided He would take the role of Kindness. That way, when we would be kind, we could bond to Him with our kindness.

He decided to have Wisdom. That way, by being wise, we could bond to Him and His wisdom.

He decided to be conscious of Himself, so that we could attain consciousness of that which is beyond knowing

- Rabbi M.M. Schneorson

Being and Not Being -

He made His world of contradictions, opposites that combine as one.

being and not being,
infinity and finitude,
light and darkness,
form and matter,
quantity and quality,
giving and withholding.

At their nexus, a world is formed: Neither can exist without the other, all function together as a single whole.

They are mere modalities. He Himself is none of them. He mixes them and matches them at whim. Paradox is our window to beyond.

- Rabbi M.M. Schneorson


Definitions -

There is Creation, there is G-dliness and there is G-d.

Creation is a thought He thinks about. G-dliness is how He thinks about it.

Beyond that, G-dliness is how He thinks about Himself.

G-d is beyond all thought.

- Rabbi M.M. Schneorson

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