The National Institute of Judaism and Medicine, founded in 1988, provides the opportunity for dialogue and assessment of the ever-expanding world of possibilities opened by the advance of medical science in light of the millenniums-old Jewish ethical and philosophic tradition.

Offering something for scholars, scientists, professionals, as well as lay persons, the NIJM has come to the World Wide Web to open their institute to a wider audience.  

NIJM is a non-profit, tax-exempt research and education organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).            #EX-173228

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The National Institute of Judaism and Medicine was founded at and continues to be sponsored in part by the State University of New York - Downstate Medical Center

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National Institute of Judaism and Medicine
c/o Silberman Associates

718 Lefferts Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11203

Toll Free Phone Number 888-703-0049    Fax 718-493-7862

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